“I first contacted Rob 3 months after having major surgery to correct a Grade 3 Spondilolythesis (forward slippage of a lumbar vertebra). The surgery involved having a metal ‘cage’ attached to hold the affected vertebra in place. The surgery left me with limited mobility and in a lot of pain. My first session with Rob involved an in-depth assessment, he explained that my core muscles were my ‘foundations’ and needed to be strong to help protect my spine. Initially we worked on movements that would help strengthen these muscles but not aggravate my back. Gradually we increased the range and intensity of the movements until I was working pain-free at maximal intensities!! I am now running and weight-training without pain and feeling full of energy again!! I would recommend Rob to anyone who is looking to raise there energy levels, knowledge and enjoyment of exercise.”

Heston Blumenthal

“I have suffered chromic back pain for the past 20 year’s; I had even resorted to having painful spinal injections which only offered relief for 3 weeks. Rob explained what was happening and how the right exercises would help me. So far my back has improved immensely, which I’m ecstatic about. Rob has a nice, gentle manner; he is very knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would recommend Rob to anybody who is suffering from pain; he is like a painkiller you don’t have to swallow!!”

Anne Parsons

“I started personal training with Rob 4 months after having my first baby. After having a caesarean and not exercising for over a year I really needed a boost to kick start my fitness regime & to achieve my goals; to get back to my pre-pregnancy fitness levels and most importantly lose the baby weight (all 2 stone of it!!). Rob worked with me initially on improving my posture & core strength before being able to get back into running. 1 year later and thanks to Rob I’ve lost all the weight and am back training 3 times a week, running further, feeling fitter and lifting heavier weights than before pregnancy!”

Jennifer Smith

“When I first started training with Rob I was in excruciating pain and found even walking to be incredibly difficult. I suffer from arthritis and was having a particularly bad time with it, having tried the medical profession I was at the end of my tether. I knew that with my type of arthritis (Anklyosing Spondilitis) it is worse when I’m inactive, so exercise made sense, it’s just challenging when you are immobile. Rob worked with me through my tears and my pain and lifted my spirits more than I thought possible at the time, through his patience and our hard work he got me up and walking again. 3 years on I still train with Rob every week and I really look forward to it, he is incredibly positive and even better we have really progressed the exercises we do. Now I look like a normal person in the gym training hard with their personal trainer.
Thank you Rob for making such a difference.”

Amanda Deacon

“Rob was recommended to me after a lower back operation the previous year. After 20 years of living with two damaged discs in my lower back and periodic painful episodes, I was very nervous about getting back into the gym. Rob took me in hand and set a programme focusing on establishing core strength and stabilising my lower back. Six weeks into the programme I realised I had not suffered so little back pain in years. Three months in and I am now following a routine that includes exercises that I would not have dreamt of doing a few months ago. Not only is my back problem largely addressed but I feel fitter, stronger and healthier. Rob is extremely knowledgeable and patient and he inspires confidence that you are in safe hands. I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Tom Swithenbank