Cable Deadlift-Row

The Cable Deadlift-Row combines 2 very effective exercises together. It mainly engages the posterior chain including the hamstrings, erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and the core muscles. It is particularly useful for people who work in an office environment and may have a ’rounded’ posture.

How To

Stand with a shoulder-width stance in front of a cable column with a low-pulley and grip the handle with both hands. Engage your TVA and bend down, keeping your back straight and your chest high (pictured below). Make sure your knees track over your toes and stick your bum back so that your knee does not move past an imaginary line that travels vertically up from your big toe.

Exhale and stand up again, driving through your heels and contracting your glutes hard as you do so. Simultaneously pull the handle into your stomach, squeezing your shoulder-blades together to bring them closer to your spine (pictured below).