Biomechanics Coaching

What is biomechanics?

Biomechanics can be split into 2 groups:

Extrinsic biomechanics

This is the concept of analysing a particular movement in an optimal mechanically efficient way. An example of this could be how we perform a run, or swing a golf club. The more mechanically effiecient we are, the better we will be at performing the chosen task.

Intrinsic biomechanics

How the body works mechanically during the performance of a movement or task. This will have a major effect on how the body compensates during the performance of extrinsic biomechanics. So for example, if we had a leg length discrepancy caused by a rotated pelvis, it would have a huge effect on how we perform during a run. The tilt in the pelvis will place much higher stress on our lumbar spine and place us at a higher risk of picking up an injury. On top of this the longer leg with be more likely to internally rotate, placing higher levels of stress on the cartilages and ligaments within the knee joint.