Flatter Stomach!!

November 20, 2008 by  

Learn the secret behind achieving a flatter stomach without having to resort to dangerous dieting or having to exercise until you drop!! By training the abs in a smart, effective way you can flatten your stomach for good and improve your posture and well-being at the same time!!!

The abdominals have an important function and are essential in maintaining good posture and preventing injury. If your abdominals do not work properly you are missing an essential protective mechanism for stabilization of the spine.

Part of my initial assessment looks at the health of the abdominal wall. I also look at diet as certain foods can have a major effect on the health and functions of your abdominals. If certain muscles are not firing as well as they should i use simple, effective techniques to get them woking again. Not only will you be preventing injury by having fully-functioning abs, your stomach will be flatter and more toned as well!!!


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